Personalised Yoga therapy sessions are available for Individuals who suffer from below ailments. The therapy sessions are customized according to individual health needs of the client. We take a holistic view of the health condition of each individual and the sessions integrate traditional Yoga asanas with advanced meditation techniques (i.e.Asanas, Counselling, Meditation, Pranayama) to reduce the symptoms and improve health. The Integrated Yoga Therapy using the ancient time-tested science of Yoga enhances the health and wellness of Individuals at the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual levels by working on the Five koshas to address the root cause of each ailment and providing long lasting relief.

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  1. Anxiety and Depression
  2. Arthritis
  3. Asthma
  4. Back Pain
  5. Diabetes Mellitus
  6. Obesity (Dynamics)
  7. Epilepsy
  8. Gastro-Intestinal Disorder
  9. Headache (Migraine) & Neck Pain
  10. Hypertension
  11. Knee & Back Pain
  12. Menstrual Disorder
  13. Muscular Dystrophy
  14. Oncology
  15. Promotion of Positive Health
  16. Voice Culture